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    * qatar/master: (21 commits)
      build: simplify commands for clean target
      swscale: split swscale.c in unscaled and generic conversion routines.
      swscale: cosmetics.
      swscale: integrate (literally) swscale_template.c in swscale.c.
      swscale: split out x86/swscale_template.c from swscale.c.
      swscale: enable hScale_altivec_real.
      swscale: split out ppc _template.c files from main swscale.c.
      swscale: remove indirections in ppc/swscale_template.c.
      swscale: split out unscaled altivec YUV converters in their own file.
      mpegvideoenc: fix multislice fate tests with threading disabled.
      mpegts: Wrap #ifdef DEBUG and av_hex_dump_log() combination in a macro.
      build: Simplify texi2html invocation through the --output option.
      Mark some variables with av_unused
      Replace avcodec_get_pix_fmt_name() by av_get_pix_fmt_name().
      svq3: Check negative mb_type to fix potential crash.
      svq3: Move svq3-specific fields to their own context.
      rawdec: initialize return value to 0.
      Remove unused get_psnr() prototype
      rawdec: don't leak option strings.
      bktr: get default framerate from video standard.
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