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    Compound inter-intra experiment · 0c917fc9
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    A patch on compound inter-intra prediction.
    In compound inter-intra prediction, a new predictor for
    16x16 inter coded MBs are obtained by combining a single
    inter predictor with a 16x16 intra predictor, in a manner
    that the weight varies with distance from the top/left
    boundary. The current search strategy is to combine the best
    inter mode with the best intra mode obtained independently.
    Results so far:
    derf +0.31%
    yt +0.32%
    std-hd +0.35%
    hd +0.42%
    It is conceivable that the results would improve somewhat
    with a more thorough search strategy where all intra modes
    are searched given the best mv, or even a joint search for
    the best mv and the best intra mode.
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