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    New Motion Reference Search · 2d60bee1
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Alternative strategy for finding a list of candidate motion
    vectors to use as reference values in mv coding and as
    nearest and near.
    Sort by sad in vp8_find_best_ref_mvs() rather than just
    pick the best. Allow 0,0 as a best ref option but not a
    nearest or near unless there are no alternatives.
    Encode/Decode verified on at least some clips.
    Some commented out experimental and stats code still in place.
    Gain over existing code averages about 1% on derf (alll metrics)
    with improvement on all clips. Other test results pending.
    The entropy coding of the mode (nearest/near etc) still
    depends upon and requires the old "findnear" code so
    this needs looking at and may provide room for further gains.
    Change-Id: I871d7cba1d1c379c4bad9bcccce1fb19c46b8247