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    rtcd: relocate 'extern "C" {' declaration · 9d3fb755
    James Zern authored
    Place after pulling in forward declarations from the codec. This fixes
    compilation of the tests under vs9.
    10783d4f Adds high bitdepth transform functions and tests
    where vp9_idct.h was added to vp9_rtcd.h the tests are pulling in
    vp9_systemdependent.h, which under visual studio include intrin.h. With
    VS9 these include headers which define helper classes for intel
    intrinsics. When including it in the tests (via vp9_rtcd.h) __cplusplus
    is defined but vp9_rtcd.h would wrap declarations in 'extern "C" {'
    causing a mismatch in linkage which resulted in compilation failure.
    Change-Id: I475e50198b71320e8606bc95c9454876d8799ede
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