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    fix the mix use of errorperbit and sadperbit · d8c525b8
    Yaowu Xu authored
    error_per_bit and sad_per_bit were designed as estimates of a bit worth
    of sum squared error and sum absolute difference respectively. Under
    this assumption, error_per_bit should be used in combination with 2nd
    order errors (variance or sum squared error) while sad_per_bit should
    be used in combination with 1st order SADs in motion estimation. There
    were a few places where sad_per_bit has been misused with variances,
    this commit changes to use error_per_bit for those places, also changes
    parameter names to properly indicate which constant is being used.
    On cif set, the change has a universal gain by all metrics: 0.13% by
    average/overall psnr and 0.1% by ssim.
    Change-Id: I4850fdcc3fd6886b30f784bd843f13dd401215fb
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