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    hybrid transform of 16x16 dimension · de6dfa6b
    Jingning Han authored
    Enable ADST/DCT of dimension 16x16 for I16X16 modes. This change provides
    benefits mostly for hd sequences.
    Set up the framework for selectable transform dimension.
    Also allowing quantization parameter threshold to control the use
    of hybrid transform (This is currently disabled by setting threshold
    always above the quantization parameter. Adaptive thresholding can
    be built upon this, which will further improve the coding performance.)
    The coding performance gains (with respect to the codec that has all
    other configuration settings turned on) are
    derf:   0.013
    yt:     0.086
    hd:     0.198
    std-hd: 0.501
    Change-Id: Ibb4263a61fc74e0b3c345f54d73e8c73552bf926
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