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    Add lossless compression mode. · e44ee38a
    Hui Su authored
    This commit adds lossless compression capability to the experimental
    branch. The lossless experiment can be enabled using --enable-lossless
    in configure. When the experiment is enabled, the encoder will use
    lossless compression mode by command line option --lossless, and the
    decoder automatically recognizes a losslessly encoded clip and decodes
    To achieve the lossless coding, this commit has changed the following:
        1. To encode at lossless mode, encoder forces the use of unit
    quantizer, i.e, Q 0, where effective quantization is 1. Encoder also
    disables the usage of 8x8 transform and allows only 4x4 transform;
        2. At Q 0, the first order 4x4  DCT/IDCT have been switched over
    to a pair of forward and inverse Walsh-Hadamard Transform
    (http://goo.gl/EIsfy),  with proper scaling applied to match the range
    of the original 4x4 DCT/IDCT pair;
        3. At Q 0, the second order remains to use the previous
    walsh-hadamard transform pair. However, to maintain the reversibility
    in second order transform at Q 0, scaling down is applied to first
    order DC coefficients prior to forward transform, and scaling up is
    applied to the second order output prior to quantization. Symmetric
    upscaling and downscaling are added around inverse second order
        4. At lossless mode, encoder also disables a number of minor
    features to ensure no loss is introduced, these features includes:
            a. Trellis quantization optimization
            b. Loop filtering
            c. Aggressive zero-binning, rounding and zero-bin boosting
            d. Mode based zero-bin boosting
    Lossless coding test was performed on all clips within the derf set,
    to verify that the commit has achieved lossless compression for all
    clips. The average compression ratio is around 2.57 to 1.
    Change-Id: Ia3aba7dd09df40dd590f93b9aba134defbc64e34
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