Commit 06ce0d88 authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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change CFLAGS for 64 bit icc builds

AMD64 only implies SSE2, not SSE3. There aren't any known cases where
icc was generating SSE3 instructions since all the vectorizable code
is already in handwritten asm, so this fix is included mostly for
correctness. Fixes issue #259.

Change-Id: I993335a4740b68b559035305fb52ca725a6beaff
parent cfaee9f7
......@@ -867,7 +867,7 @@ process_common_toolchain() {
add_cflags -use-msasm -use-asm
add_ldflags -i-static
enabled x86_64 && add_cflags -ipo -no-prec-div -static -xSSE3 -axSSE3
enabled x86_64 && add_cflags -ipo -no-prec-div -static -xSSE2 -axSSE2
enabled x86_64 && AR=xiar
case ${tune_cpu} in
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