Commit ca7e3466 authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Code Review
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Merge ""Eliminated TOKENEXTRABITS" broke the windows build."

parents 4894b45c a1162449
......@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ BEGIN
DEFINE(detok_scan, offsetof(DETOK, scan));
DEFINE(detok_ptr_block2leftabove, offsetof(DETOK, ptr_block2leftabove));
DEFINE(detok_coef_tree_ptr, offsetof(DETOK, vp8_coef_tree_ptr));
DEFINE(detok_teb_base_ptr, offsetof(DETOK, teb_base_ptr));
DEFINE(detok_norm_ptr, offsetof(DETOK, norm_ptr));
DEFINE(detok_ptr_coef_bands_x, offsetof(DETOK, ptr_coef_bands_x));
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