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    Use the chessboard pattern pred search in newmv mode · 4f2f8672
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit extends the chessboard pattern prediction filter search.
    If the above and left blocks have the same prediction filter type,
    the encoder will skip the prediction filter type search and use the
    reference one.
    The overall chessboard pattern prediction filter type search reduces
    speed 3 runtime for hard clips. Experiments on park joy at 1080p
    and 15000 kbps show that the runtime goes from 723265 ms to 65832 ms,
    i.e., about 10% speed-up. Compression performance wise, it affects
    the coding quality by
    Change-Id: I880975497c7ad166532e9eea9bf46684d77ff327
    derf:    -0.326%
    yt:      -0.257%
    hd:      -0.241%
    stdhd:   -0.417%
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