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    Revert "Revert "vp9: Avoid encoder loopfilter for non-reference frames."" · 9aa429a6
    Marco Paniconi authored
    This reverts commit e9b7f98c.
    Reason for revert:
    Commit d578bdad fixes the issue (encoder/decoder mismatch
    in 3TL datarate test) that causes the original revert.
    Original change's description:
    > Revert "vp9: Avoid encoder loopfilter for non-reference frames."
    > This reverts commit 863f860b.
    > This causes encoder / decoder mismatches in various
    > VP9/DatarateTestVP9Large.BasicRateTargeting3TemporalLayers tests
    > BUG=webm:1408
    > Change-Id: Ic200c39d7ed9c0b0247ef562f5d6f7b2625f7e14
    Change-Id: Ifeb81460856d1d56482d4e0477a70ee98f8bfaa6
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