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    Don't force inlining for msvc targets. · 117893a7
    Ralph Giles authored
    INLINE is defined as __forceinline for vs* configs, but is the
    normal, compiler-discretion inline for gcc/clang configs. This
    makes many functions very large when building for windows targets,
    much larger than they are elsewhere.
    Use '__inline' as a consistent definition to get consistent function
    sizes. Although Visual Studio documentation says that 'inline' is
    only available in C+ code. This is probably incorrect, since Visual
    Studio 2017 accepts C99 'inline' even when passed /TC. Nevertheless,
    this commit uses the recommended '__inline' for consistency.
    Thanks to David Major for the diagnosis.
    Change-Id: Ib0b31a3afcea77822c84fe3c6cd452add66d825a
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