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    Add compiler warning flag -Wextra and fix related warnings. · 0aa3e256
    Urvang Joshi authored
    Note: some of these warnings are enabled by a combination of -Wunused
    (added earlier) and -Wextra.
    Cherry-picked from AOM 4790a69faaec8f03d65f64ff070f6ab4307dbb16
    Expands use of (void)x; on unused variables. AOM only supports one codec
    in codec_factory.h
    Does not include changes to HandleDecodeResult. AOM removed
    invalid_file_test.cc which does use the video parameter.
    Does not enable -Wextra yet. There are more issues to fix.
    Change-Id: I322a1366bd4fd6c0dec9e758c2d5e88e003b1cbf