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    Expose xmlBufShrink in the public tree API · 82cdfc4e
    Daniel Veillard authored
    As suggested by Andrew W. Nosenko:
    Proposal: expose the new xmlBufShrink() to the "public" API for
    compatibility with xmlBufUse().
    Reason: the following scenario:
    1. Read something into  xmlParserInputBuffer (e.g. using
    2. Extract content through xmlBufContent()
    3. Extract content length through xmlBufUse().  Result have type
    4. Use this content
    5. Now, you need to shrink the buffer.  How to do it?  Doing that
    through legacy xmlBufferShrink() is unsafe because it uses 'unsigned
    int' and the whole point of introducing the new API was handling the
    cases, when 'unsigned int' is not enough.  Therefore, need to use the
    new xmlBufShrink().  But it is "private".
    Therefore, I propose to expose the new xmlBufShrink() in the same way,
    as xmlBufContent() and xmlBufUse() are exposed.
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