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    nua: added NUTAG_INITIAL_ROUTE() and NUTAG_INITIAL_ROUTE_STR() · 2eca488d
    Pekka Pessi authored
    Added tags NUTAG_INITIAL_ROUTE() and NUTAG_INITIAL_ROUTE_STR() that can be
    used to determine the route set included in the request initiating dialogs
    or outside them. They can be used instead or in addition to the
    NUTAG_PROXY() when determining the outbound proxy.
    The URL in NUTAG_PROXY() is not added to the requests, and it affects all
    the requests, including in-dialog requests. The route set in
    NUTAG_INITIAL_ROUTE{_STR}() is explictly added to the requests and it is
    visible in the requests, and it affects only routing of the initial
    TODO: interaction with service route set returned by registrar in the
    Service-Route header.
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