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Added ChangeLog entries for CVS synchronization.

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2006-04-26 Pekka Pessi <>
* Added missing events to
* More fixes to nua/nua_publish.c.
- nua_unpublish uses tags from initial nua_publish()
- 900 status is returned when there is no Expires header in 2XX response to
* Re-indented nua_publish.c.
* Added better error checking to nua_creq_msg().
Fixed Service-Route header processing, too.
* Added nua_add_contact_by_aor() to nua_register.c.
The nua_add_contact_by_aor() takes care of adding other registration-related
headers like Service-Route, too.
* Moved nua_publish() documentation from nua.c/ to nua_publish.c.
Updated documentation, added nua_r_unpublish documentation.
* Improved PUBLISH handling in nua/nua_publish.c.
Saving the initial PUBLISH message along with message body and content type.
They are re-used if 412 is received or if 2XX response contains Expires: 0.
If 2XX response is received without Expires header, we report internal error
to application.
* Fixed route handling in SUBSCRIBE in the file nua/nua_subnotref.c.
There was a problem using dialog route set when there was an initial route
original SUBSCRIBE.
* Added SRESTAG_CACHE() to <sofia-sip/sresolv.h>.
2006-04-25 Pekka Pessi <>
* Added compilation and run-time checks for MSG_TRUNC.
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