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    Add External SIP Provider bridging capability · 6e357aa6
    Thibault Lemaire authored
    E.g. If a cloud provider offers SIP Gateways to the PSTN, this new
    feature allows the B2BUA to use accounts on this external SIP server to
    bridge calls to telephone numbers.
    This bridge does not attempt to hide itself by overriding the From
    The B2BUA server now runs a CLI socket listener as well, and the CLI
    framework as been improved to allow generic register & dispatch capability.
    Any class can implement the CliHandler interface and register
    itself to a CommandLineInterface instance to handle commands.
    This new bridge responds to the SIP_BRIDGE INFO command.
    External accounts used for bridging are configured via a JSON file
    (see configuration)
    Jsoncpp is now a required dependency of the B2BUA and an option has been
    added to build a vendored version when the system doesn't provide an
    adequate one.
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