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    Fix B2BUA RPM packaging · 6feaeba5
    Thibault Lemaire authored
    Restore packaging of B2BUA server and internal libmbedtls
    Fix mbedtls shared lib install (for rpm packaging)
    relay static/shared directives to mbedtls
    this fixes package dependencies: we embed our own version of mbedtls
    Fix B2BUA flexisip testsuite
    Minor refactoring
    SDK: Use video direction of local parameter to create SDP if the participant is in ScheduledForJoining state. Tester: Increase wait time for video to be established and bandwidth computed
    Disable event log in the bridging conference. The B2BUA doesn't need it
    and it interferes with media streams
    Remove B2BUA dependency on FFMPEG and V4L
    Using Mire for Trenscrypter tests
    Also adds debug asserts and increases timeouts in trenscrypter tests
    This is to fix B2BUA tests failing on CI because call operations take too long
    (in Sanitizer build)
    Co-authored-by: Andrea Gianarda's avatarAndrea Gianarda <andrea.gianarda@belledonne-communications.com>
    Co-authored-by: François Grisez <francois.grisez@belledonne-communications.com>...
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