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    add feature ephmeral message · 5b4c2cc8
    DanmeiChen authored
    fix wrapper swift
    fix build windows
    correct spelling and add useful logs
    add events
    fix indentation error
    rename functions
    Renamed expiredLifetime to expireLifetime + fixed long type in java wrapper
    optimization of ephemeral message
    Fixed issues in event logs filters
    Added missing history size override
    set expired time maximum by default
    Added missing callback for ephemeral related event generated + moved ephemeral code to client-group-chat-room instead of chat-room
    Added tag to epehemeral tests
    fix expired time
    remove useless item
    fix spelling
    Delete chat message from db before notifying the callbacks
    Added ephemeral messages capability
    Set ephemeral spec when creating Core
    Started API to check if all participants in a chat room support ephemeral messages
    Added callback on Core when an ephemeral message has expired
    Use internal app directory as download path
    Do not generate an ephemeral lifetime changed event when ephemeral feature is disabled
    Changes regarding ephemeral time header used in CPIM
    Fixed wrong callback called
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