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Linphone 3.5.0

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linphone-3.5.0 -- future date
linphone-3.5.0 -- December 22, 2011
* added VP-8 video codec
* added G722 audio codec
* added SIP/TCP and SIP/TLS
* added SRTP media encryption
* Audio conferencing
* UI: call history tab, menu simplified
* UI: cosmetics for incall views
* UI: integration with libnotify
mediastreamer2 @ db6a5ced
Subproject commit c1f6d3e6d4f36928fffd2e7380759544bcd23d84
Subproject commit db6a5ced8538eef241c99e5e10af60645919e6ae
oRTP @ 39efbc68
Subproject commit 73dff1e14c73e76e5d46f617a320389e29606ffd
Subproject commit 39efbc68bdc9f89d28f33f61ef98ca6c85c9fabd
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