Commit 26862d52 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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remove debug messages

parent 527d6cfd
......@@ -138,18 +138,15 @@ LpItem *lp_section_find_item(LpSection *sec, const char *name){
void lp_config_parse(LpConfig *lpconfig, FILE *file){
ms_error("Entering lp_config_parse");
char tmp[MAX_LEN]= {'\0'};
LpSection *cur=NULL;
if (file==NULL) return;
ms_message("Entering While");
tmp[sizeof(tmp) -1] = '\0';
char *pos1,*pos2;
ms_message("Pos1 = %s", pos1);
if (pos1!=NULL && is_first_char(tmp,pos1) ){
if (pos2!=NULL){
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