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Update for 5.0

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This changelog file was started on October 2019. Previous changes were more or less tracked in the *NEWS* file.
## [5.0.0] Unreleased
## [5.0.0] 2021-07-08
### Added
- Native support of Windows 10 UWP platform
- CoreService class for Android can make the device vibrate while incoming call is ringing.
- Support of Capability Negociation framework - RFC5939 - limited to media encryption choice (None, SRTP, DTLS-SRTP, ZRTP)
- Automatic handling of push notifications for iOS and Android.
* A new state LinphoneCallPushIncomingReceived is added to the LinphoneCall's state machine.
* New LinphonePushNotificationConfig object added to the API.
- New API to manage SIP accounts: LinphoneAccount and LinphoneAccountParams, replacing LinphoneProxyConfig which is now deprecated.
LinphoneProxyConfig remains fully usable for backward compatibility with previous version.
- New implementation of LinphoneAccountCreator relying on http REST API. Previous implementation based on XML-RPC remains the default one,
but will be deprecated in a future release.
- Added LDAP contact provider API integrated with LinphoneMagicSearch (desktop platforms ONLY)
- Added asynchronous API to the LinphoneMagicSearch API (for contact searching).
### Changed
- Java wrapper now creates a separated managed object for const native pointers and print an error log when trying to use a non-const method on it.
- Java & C# wrapper now takes a strong reference on listeners, allowing to use inner classes & lambda expressions even without keeping parent object around.
- Deprecated methods for more than two years have been removed from wrappers (e.g. every setListener() on some objects).
- Automatic BYEing of orphan dialogs - this task no longer needs to be done by the proxy, conforming to RFC3261.
- Generation of C# API documentation now with DocFX.
### Removed
- Legacy Java wrapper for Android
### Fixed
- Erroneous ICE ufrag and passwd parameters sent in reINVITE while ICE was refused previously.
- Swift and C# wrappers corner-case usage issues.
- See git log for full list of other minor bugfixes.
## [4.5.0] 2021-03-29
### Added
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