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add reg keys to recognize sip uris.

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......@@ -33,6 +33,16 @@ Name: "desktopicon"; Description: "{cm:CreateDesktopIcon}"; GroupDescription: "{
Name: "{group}\Linphone"; Filename: "{app}\bin\linphone-3.exe" ; WorkingDir: "{app}"
Name: "{userdesktop}\Linphone"; Filename: "{app}\bin\linphone-3.exe"; WorkingDir: "{app}" ; Tasks: desktopicon
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip";
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip"; ValueData: "URL: SIP protocol" ; ValueType:string
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip"; ValueName: "EditFlags"; ValueData: "02 00 00 00" ; ValueType:binary
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip"; ValueName: "URL Protocol" ; ValueType:string
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip\DefaultIcon"; ValueData: "{app}\bin\linphone-3.exe"; ValueType:string ; Flags:uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip\shell"
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip\shell\open"
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "sip\shell\open\command"; ValueType:string ; ValueData: "{app}\bin\linphone-3.exe --workdir {app} --call %1"; Flags:uninsdeletekey
Filename: "{app}\bin\linphone-3.exe"; Description: "{cm:LaunchProgram,Linphone}"; WorkingDir: "{app}" ; Flags: nowait postinstall skipifsilent
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