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ready for a new release ?

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linphone-3.4.3 -- March 28, 2011
* Fully ported to mac os x with gtk-osx (menu integration, bundle generation with "make bundle", sound I/O improved) but still audio only
* Fix stupid warning "no response" that sometimes arrived at end of calls
* limit the size of the log window (to prevent memory drain)
* limit the size of the SDP message by removing unnecessary information (for well known codecs, for H264).
This is to prevent SIP messages from being discarded by routers on the internet when they exceeds in size the internet MTU.
* other sip bugfixes
Requires mediastreamer-2.7.3
linphone-3.4.2 -- March 3rd, 2011
* fix problems with webcams on windows
Requires mediastreamer-2.7.2
......@@ -763,10 +763,10 @@ void _linphone_core_configure_resolver(){
/*bionic declares _res but does not define nor export it !!*/
#ifdef ANDROID
/*timeout and attempts are the same as retrans and retry, but are android specific names.*/
setenv("RES_OPTIONS","timeout:1 attempts:2 retrans:1 retry:2",1);
setenv("RES_OPTIONS","timeout:2 attempts:2 retrans:2 retry:2",1);
_res.retrans=1; /*retransmit every second*/
_res.retrans=2; /*retransmit every two seconds*/
_res.retry=2; /*only two times per DNS server*/
mediastreamer2 @ 6f2612b0
Subproject commit 5c139fbb21e7715b36a0b7e609d821f74dd01b8d
Subproject commit 6f2612b01543400f4a00d0ec8373fe2cb249aa56
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