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answer empty incoming SIP INFO requests.

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linphone-3.2.2 -- ?????????
* improve bitrate usage of speex codec
* allow speex to run with vbr (variable bit rate) mode
* add speex/32000 (ultra wide band speex codec)
* answer empty SIP INFO requests
linphone-3.2.1 -- October 5, 2009
* improve graphics and behaviour of mute button
* updated translations
......@@ -917,6 +917,7 @@ static void linphone_process_dtmf_relay(LinphoneCore *lc, eXosip_event_t *ev){
void linphone_call_message_new(LinphoneCore *lc, eXosip_event_t *ev){
osip_message_t *ans=NULL;
if (ev->request){
if (MSG_IS_INFO(ev->request)){
osip_content_type_t *ct;
......@@ -926,7 +927,18 @@ void linphone_call_message_new(LinphoneCore *lc, eXosip_event_t *ev){
else if (strcmp(ct->subtype,"dtmf-relay")==0)
else ms_message("Unhandled SIP INFO.");
else {
ms_message("Unhandled SIP INFO.");
/*send an "Not implemented" answer*/
if (ans)
/*empty SIP INFO, probably to test we are alive. Send an empty answer*/
if (ans)
}else ms_warning("linphone_call_message_new: No request ?");
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