Commit 07dd7054 authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Removing redundant checks from vp9_change_config()."

parents e5930d5b 60350005
......@@ -815,10 +815,7 @@ void vp9_change_config(struct VP9_COMP *cpi, const VP9_CONFIG *oxcf) {
cm->display_width = cpi->oxcf.width;
cm->display_height = cpi->oxcf.height;
// VP8 sharpness level mapping 0-7 (vs 0-10 in general VPx dialogs)
cpi->oxcf.sharpness = MIN(7, cpi->oxcf.sharpness);
cpi->common.lf.sharpness_level = cpi->oxcf.sharpness;
cm->lf.sharpness_level = cpi->oxcf.sharpness;
if (cpi->initial_width) {
// Increasing the size of the frame beyond the first seen frame, or some
......@@ -838,10 +835,6 @@ void vp9_change_config(struct VP9_COMP *cpi, const VP9_CONFIG *oxcf) {
cpi->speed = abs(cpi->oxcf.cpu_used);
// Limit on lag buffers as these are not currently dynamically allocated.
if (cpi->oxcf.lag_in_frames > MAX_LAG_BUFFERS)
cpi->oxcf.lag_in_frames = MAX_LAG_BUFFERS;
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