Commit 3e0ea7f6 authored by Frank Galligan's avatar Frank Galligan
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vp9: Remove superfluous command.

- vpx_calloc is called on arf_not_zz above.
- Note The removed vpx_memset call had an issue with sizeof.

Change-Id: I86fd7a167d0a042e581e613e2a6c0b5e63073fc6
parent 271d635c
......@@ -367,8 +367,6 @@ static void separate_arf_mbs(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
vpx_calloc(cm->mb_rows * cm->mb_cols * sizeof(*arf_not_zz), 1));
vpx_memset(arf_not_zz, 0, sizeof(arf_not_zz));
// We are not interested in results beyond the alt ref itself.
if (n_frames > cpi->frames_till_gf_update_due)
n_frames = cpi->frames_till_gf_update_due;
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