Commit 8450b41d authored by Marco Paniconi's avatar Marco Paniconi
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vp8 bugfix: Reallocate denoiser when spatially resizing.

This is needed to update the width/height and stride parameters
for the reference buffers that the denoiser uses.

Change-Id: Id51b3bdcb56bbbc8187865544ccd3d872a0d51fe
parent 0fa4777b
......@@ -2762,6 +2762,19 @@ static int resize_key_frame(VP8_COMP *cpi)
cm->Height = new_height;
scale_and_extend_source(cpi->un_scaled_source, cpi);
// TODO(marpan): denoiser_allocate() is not called in
// vp8_alloc_compressor_data() (currently denoiser_allocate is
// only called in change_config()). Check if we can move this call
// of denoiser_free/allocate into vp8_alloc_compressor_data().
if (cpi->oxcf.noise_sensitivity > 0) {
vp8_denoiser_allocate(&cpi->denoiser, new_width, new_height,
cm->mb_rows, cm->mb_cols,
((cpi->oxcf.noise_sensitivity == 3) ?
1 : 0));
return 1;
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