Commit 3f7577a6 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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fix potential bug because internal_call_update flag was never reset.

parent e76c7b9c
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ namespace belledonnecomm {
* @param ip tunnel server ip address
* @param port tunnel server tls port, recommended value is 443
* @param udpMirrorPort remote port on the tunnel server side used to test udp reachability
* @param delay udp packet round trip delay in ms considered as acceptable. recommanded value is 1000 ms.
* @param delay udp packet round trip delay in ms considered as acceptable. recommended value is 1000 ms.
void addServer(const char *ip, int port,unsigned int udpMirrorPort,unsigned int delay);
......@@ -495,13 +495,16 @@ static void call_accepted(SalOp *op){
SalMediaDescription *md, *rmd;
bool_t update_state=TRUE;
if (call==NULL){
if (call == NULL){
ms_warning("No call to accept.");
return ;
/*set privacy*/
/*reset the internal call update flag, so it doesn't risk to be copied and used in further re-INVITEs*/
if (call->params->internal_call_update)
call->params->internal_call_update = FALSE;
/* Handle remote ICE attributes if any. */
if (call->ice_session != NULL && rmd) {
......@@ -580,8 +583,6 @@ static void call_accepted(SalOp *op){
/*also reflect the change if the "wished" params, in order to avoid to propose SAVP or video again
* further in the call, for example during pause,resume, conferencing reINVITEs*/
if (!call->current_params->in_conference)
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