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Function to check if a call locks sound resources.

Use to prevent a situation where several calls
try to use the sound resources.
- outgoing states (ring)
- incoming states (ring)
- ..
parent f203f821
......@@ -189,6 +189,9 @@ int linphone_core_leave_conference(LinphoneCore *lc){
int linphone_core_enter_conference(LinphoneCore *lc){
if (linphone_core_sound_resources_locked) {
return -1;
LinphoneConference *conf=&lc->conf_ctx;
if (conf->local_participant==NULL) add_local_endpoint(conf,lc);
return 0;
......@@ -4381,3 +4381,32 @@ const LinphoneCall* linphone_core_find_call_from_uri(LinphoneCore *lc, const cha
return NULL;
* Check if a call will need the sound resources.
* @ingroup call_control
* @param lc The LinphoneCore
bool_t linphone_core_sound_resources_locked(LinphoneCore *lc){
MSList *calls=lc->calls;
while(calls) {
LinphoneCall *c=(LinphoneCall*)calls->data;
switch (c->state) {
case LinphoneCallOutgoingInit:
case LinphoneCallOutgoingProgress:
case LinphoneCallOutgoingRinging:
case LinphoneCallOutgoingEarlyMedia:
case LinphoneCallConnected:
case LinphoneCallRefered:
case LinphoneCallIncomingEarlyMedia:
case LinphoneCallUpdated:
return TRUE;
return FALSE;
......@@ -1031,6 +1031,7 @@ int linphone_core_terminate_conference(LinphoneCore *lc);
int linphone_core_get_conference_size(LinphoneCore *lc);
int linphone_core_get_max_calls(LinphoneCore *lc);
bool_t linphone_core_sound_resources_locked(LinphoneCore *lc);
#ifdef __cplusplus
......@@ -1506,6 +1506,10 @@ extern "C" jboolean Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneCallImpl_areStreamsEncrypted(
return linphone_call_are_all_streams_encrypted((LinphoneCall *) ptr);
extern "C" jboolean Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneCoreImpl_soundResourcesLocked(JNIEnv* env,jobject thiz,jlong ptr){
return linphone_core_sound_resources_locked((LinphoneCore *) ptr);
// Needed by Galaxy S (can't switch to/from speaker while playing and still keep mic working)
// Implemented directly in msandroid.cpp (sound filters for Android).
extern "C" void msandroid_hack_speaker_state(bool speakerOn);
......@@ -625,4 +625,13 @@ public interface LinphoneCore {
int getMaxCalls();
boolean isMyself(String uri);
* Use this method to check the calls state and forbid proposing actions
* which could result in an active call.
* Eg: don't start a new call if one is in outgoing ringing.
* Eg: don't merge to conference either as it could result
* in two active calls (conference and accepted call).
* @return
boolean soundResourcesLocked();
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