Commit f203f821 authored by Guillaume Beraudo's avatar Guillaume Beraudo
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Reject incoming calls from people already in call with.

Note that the other call will change state to paused by other.
parent 65dc7621
......@@ -108,6 +108,21 @@ static bool_t is_duplicate_call(LinphoneCore *lc, const LinphoneAddress *from, c
static bool_t already_a_call_with_remote_address(const LinphoneCore *lc, const LinphoneAddress *remote) {
ms_warning(" searching for already_a_call_with_remote_address.");
MSList *elem;
const LinphoneCall *call=(LinphoneCall*)elem->data;
const LinphoneAddress *cRemote=linphone_call_get_remote_address(call);
if (linphone_address_weak_equal(cRemote,remote)) {
ms_warning("already_a_call_with_remote_address found.");
return TRUE;
return FALSE;
static bool_t already_a_call_pending(LinphoneCore *lc){
MSList *elem;
......@@ -161,7 +176,7 @@ static void call_received(SalOp *h){
if (already_a_call_pending(lc)){
if (already_a_call_with_remote_address(lc,from_addr) || already_a_call_pending(lc)){
ms_warning("Receiving another call while one is ringing or initiated, refusing this one with busy message.");
......@@ -623,5 +623,6 @@ public interface LinphoneCore {
LinphoneCall findCallFromUri(String uri);
int getMaxCalls();
boolean isMyself(String uri);
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