Commit 98bd5cd6 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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Fix an issue with broken media connectivity if the TURN server is behind a NAT device.

parent 5e8e2eea
......@@ -2430,6 +2430,26 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC const char *linphone_core_get_nat_address(const LinphoneCore *co
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_set_nat_policy(LinphoneCore *core, LinphoneNatPolicy *policy);
* Artificially cause the relay path to be selected when ICE is used.
* This is mainly a function for test, for example to validate that the relay service (ever TURN or media-aware SIP proxy)
* is working as expected. Indeed, in many cases a path through host or server reflexive candidate will be found by ICE,
* which makes difficult to make sure that the relay service is working as expected.
* @param[in] lc #LinphoneCore object
* @param[in] enable boolean value
* @ingroup network_parameters
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_enable_forced_ice_relay(LinphoneCore *core, bool_t enable);
* Indicates whether the ICE relay path is forcibly selected.
* @param[in] lc #LinphoneCore object
* @return a boolean value indicating whether forced relay is enabled.
* @ingroup network_parameters
* @see linphone_core_enable_forced_ice_relay().
LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool_t linphone_core_forced_ice_relay_enabled(const LinphoneCore *core);
* Get The policy that is used to pass through NATs/firewalls.
* It may be overridden by a NAT policy for a specific proxy config.
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